Report academic mobility of the Department "Traditional music and performing arts» (2014-2018 academic years)

One of the important trends in the development of the modern education system is the academic mobility of students and teachers.

As you know, academic mobility is one of the most important aspects of the process of integration of universities and science in the international educational space.

Academic mobility is important for personal development and employment opportunities for graduates.

Academic mobility contributes to:

- integration of Kazakhstan's education in the international educational space;

- improving the quality of knowledge and the level of human capital development;

- recognition and comparability of Kazakhstan educational programs with the programs of foreign universities;

- strengthening the internationalization of higher and postgraduate education.

External academic mobility of teachers

The international scientific and practical conference was held in Almaty on the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate on 28.02.2014. teachers of the faculty of culture and art were trained In the program of the master class "Modern trends in the development of Kyu art in Kazakhstan" honored artist of Kazakhstan, Professor T. A.

November 2-17, 2017 head of the Department "Musical art" of Atyrau state University. H. dosmukhamedova, candidate of arts Bakyt Zholdybaykyzy Turmagambetova held lectures for students of the specialty "Traditional music art" on the subjects" Theory of music"," Solfeggio"," Harmony", as well as a master class for teachers of the Department on"Musical culture of Kazakhstan in the period of globalization".

Internal academic mobility of teachers

1. General provisions from 03.03.14 to 05.03.14, PhD, Professor Erzhanov Makhambet Erzhanovich was invited as a jury to the Republican subject Olympiad in the KNK. Kurmangazy, specialty "Traditional musical art" (in the nomination dombyra).

Also Professor Erzhanov M. E. for students of 2-3 courses of Conservatory lectures “Traditional-musical art of WKO” were given, students received full information on traditional musical art, on folklore heritage in the Western region. From the leadership of the Kurmangazy KNK for participation in the Republican subject Olympiad Yerzhanov M. E. was awarded a letter of thanks.

Modern requirements of the University to teaching staff are constantly increasing. Senior lecturer, Petichenko BC Astana in the framework of academic mobility program very actively and successfully self-fulfilling abroad (2015-2018))

9-20 October 2017 associate Professor, PhD Yergaliyeva S. T. program obiena teaching experience lectures held at Atyrau state University im.M. Kh. Dulati Kh. Dosmukhamedov on subjects "history of performing arts", "musical Ethnography", "Specialty-kobyz".

Internal academic mobility of students.

In the second semester of 2016-2017 academic year on academic mobility in Atyrau state University. Kh trained the students of the specialty 5В040400 Traditional musical art Jekshenkulov Asemgul and Uteniyazov Accordion.

In the second semester of the 2016-2017 academic year, students majoring IN 5b040200 Instrumental performance Egina Maria and Uchakina Olga on the program of academic mobility increased the professional level of piano performance in the professions of the Samara Academy of culture and art (Russia, Astana)Samara).

In the second semester of 2017-2018 on academic mobility in Atyrau state University. Kh is teaching student specialty 5В040400 Traditional musical art Amangeldiyev Medicat.

External academic mobility of students.

In the second semester of 2017-2018, the 2nd year student of 5B040400 Traditional musical art of Atyrau state University was trained in academic mobility in our University. Nurzhanova S. H. Dosmukhamedov

2-17 November this year, Head of the Department "Music and art" of Atyrau state University.Dosmukhamedov, candidate of art history Turmagambetova Bakyt Zholdybaeva held a master class on the subject "theory of music", "Harmony", "Solfege".

During the reporting period, the Department is working on the exchange of experience between higher education institutions, candidate of art. A. T. yergaliev, 2017 From 9 to 20 October H. At the Department "Music and art" Atyrau state University im.Dosmukhamedov lectured on the history of the performing arts, music, Ethnography and the professions (kobyz).