1. The goal of education in the specialty "5B042100 – Design»
The main purpose of education in the specialty 5B042100-Design is:
- provision of conditions for obtaining high-quality professional education, professional competencies in the field of design;
- professional training of highly qualified and competitive specialists with high social and civil responsibility, able to effectively carry out various activities in the field of art, design and creative, organizational, production and experimental research and methodological activities;
- development of unique design projects for residential, industrial environment and consumer goods;
- solving actual problems of history, theory and practice of design in various educational institutions (schools, lyceums, colleges and Universities);
- obtaining and application of full-fledged and high-quality professional education, professional competence in the relevant areas of creative activity.
2. The list of educational programs of choice within the specialty (specialization):
«Architectural design»
«Graphic design»
«Industrial design.»
3. List of qualifications and positions
A graduate of this educational program is awarded the degree of "Bachelor of arts".
- "Qualification directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees", approved by the order of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 25.11.2010 №385-e;
- "Typical qualification characteristics of positions of pedagogical workers and persons equated to them", approved by the order of the Ministry of education and science of 13.07.2009 № 338;
4. Qualification characteristics of the graduate of the educational program
4.1 scope of professional activities
Professional activity of the bachelor 5B042100-Design means the possession of modern means, methods and forms of artistic design, allowing to create a harmonious object-spatial environment, as well as the specified state of a variety of artistic objects.
4.2 Objects of professional activity
The objects of professional activity of the bachelor of art in the specialty " 5B042100-Design "(by specialization) are:
- "architectural design": urban, rural Park ensembles, small architectural forms, elements of landscaping and landscaping, visual communications, exhibition space, equipment and furniture in the urban environment, interior spaces of residential and public buildings, underground public facilities, decoration, equipment and furniture in the interior, exhibition and trade expositions, elements of monumental and decorative and decorative arts in the exterior and interior, visual communications in the interior;
- "graphic design": graphic symbols, trademarks, corporate styles, visual communication systems, illustrations, book design, packaging, advertising, social advertising, advertising for electronic and print media, outdoor advertising, transit advertising, illustrations.
- "industrial design": items, products and their complexes intended for mass production, small-scale items and products, vehicles, equipment, furniture modeling of everyday and special clothing, clothing ensembles, accessories, textiles, theatrical costume.
4.3 subject of professional activity
The subjects of professional activity of the bachelor 5B042100-Design are:
architectural design, interior design, landscape design, monumental and decorative art, advertising design, printing design, graphic language and visual culture, art and photography, fashion design, furniture design and technical design.
4.4 professional activities
Bachelor of arts in "5B042100 – Design" can perform the following professional activities:
- design (under the guidance of a specialist designer) includes the development of concepts, projects, models, models of new objects of ensembles, products and products;
- organizational and managerial activity involves mastering professional computer programs in the field of organization and management of project activities; the study of forms, principles and strategies of entrepreneurial and financial activities in a competitive and business environment;
- scientific and pedagogical activity includes work in scientific and educational organizations;
- continuation of education in master's and postgraduate studies in the field of art, culture, design and pedagogy.
5. Requirements to the level of education
A graduate in the specialty 5B042100-Design should:
- methods of collection and design of pre-project material, fixing the existing situation;
- the sequence and nature of actions in the design process( search-analysis-solution); requirements for the design of the project material;
- to have an idea of the role in society and the boundaries of design activity, which is constantly changing as a result of the introduction of new computer technologies, technical achievements in the field of telecommunications, strengthening the impact of mass consciousness;
- to work with reference literature, to make reference diagrams, to determine the sequence of the design process, to carry out preliminary materials, to embody the finished project idea in demonstration materials, in accordance with the requirements to make out the project material (including the use of modern software products) and competently present their work at the presentation, protection.
6. Competencies formed as a result of the development of OP
General (generic) competences
* General education requirements:
- competence in the field of art Sciences, Humanities, social and economic disciplines, fluency in the state language, knowledge of the theory and application of the practical foundations of design.
* Requirements for social and ethnic competence:
- the graduate must know the ethnic and legal norms governing the relationship of man to man, society, the environment, be able to take them into account in the development of environmental, social, design and other projects.
* Requirements to economic, organizational and managerial competences:
- ability to own commercial, financial, administrative management functions;
- the ability to possess the skills of situational analysis, market analysis, economic management methods, honey modeling of economic processes, evaluation of economic projects, professional approach to the study of the main problems in the field of economic management and production.
7. Learning strategies and methods
The General results of the training program of the specialty 5B042100-Design will be achieved through the following training activities:
1) classroom classes: lectures, seminars and practical classes-are held taking into account innovative learning technologies, using the latest achievements of science, technology and information systems and in an interactive form;
2) extracurricular activities: independent work of the student, including under the guidance of a teacher, individual consultations;
3)conducting educational and professional practices, preparation of thesis.
The content of the educational program of the specialty allows students to master the system of subject, interdisciplinary, psychological, pedagogical and methodological knowledge, to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the field of social pedagogy and self-knowledge, pedagogy and psychology, to apply this knowledge and understanding at a professional level.
Lectures, seminars, discussions and practical classes, different types of practices throughout the program will provide students with opportunities to develop key and special competence on specialty 5B042100 – Design, in particular, the application of theoretical knowledge in visual art and technical drawing, taking into account specific socio-pedagogical conditions for the rational and creative use in educational process of pedagogical technologies and information sources (multimedia training programs, electronic textbooks, Internet technologies).