Employment of graduates of the department of fine arts and design for 2018-2019

One of the priority factors in the economic development of Kazakhstan is concern for young specialists - graduates of universities. The modernization of the labor market is one of the complex tasks set by the first President of the country N.A. Nazarbayev in his Address in 2017. To help young people in finding jobs, new "road maps" are being developed that provide support for "labor mobility from labor-surplus regions", and management of "overflow of workers to other areas".

In order to acquaint future specialists with the offered demanded specialties, a job fair is annually held at WKSU. Graduating students at the fair can get the most complete information about the labor market, about enterprises that need workers. Each year, the university provides an opportunity for graduate teachers to find jobs in rural schools.

Much attention is paid to the employment of young professionals in rural areas. Since 2009, the state program "With a Diploma in the Village" has been implemented, the main goal of which is to eliminate the shortage of personnel in rural areas. Within the framework of this state project, young specialists are provided not only with a workplace, but also lifting allowances and a loan for the purchase of housing, and social support measures are provided for social workers who have arrived to work and live in rural areas.

The Faculty of Culture and Art annually holds a series of events that serve to strengthen ties with employers, including conferences, round tables, meetings.

The actual positioning of accredited educational programs of the Department of Fine Arts and Design is based on a study of the labor market, the needs of employers and graduates, employment results, and a feedback system with interested parties.

Graduates of educational programs are highly sought after in state educational institutions, advertising agencies and design companies of the city and region, which confirms the employment rate of graduates of the department in the direction of training B031 Fashion, interior design and industrial design over the past 3 years, which is more than 70%, and direction 6В014 Training of teachers with a subject specialization in general development is about 100%.

For example, traditionally high percentages of employment are shown by the specialty 5В041700 "Decorative Arts" - 100% and 5В010700 "Fine Arts and Drawing" - 92.5%. At the same time, it is noted that the employment rates on the 5B042100 "Design" educational program for the last year (2018-2019 academic year) amounted to about 70%. This is due to the fact that many graduates are engaged in the implementation of private orders and are not employees of advertising agencies.

The first issue of new educational programs, such as 6B01406 –Art work and design at school, 6B02108 Fashion and costume design, 6B02109 Interior design is expected in 2023 and 2024.

The leadership of the university makes every effort to ensure the employment of graduates and maintain continuous communication with them. Thanks to close cooperation with the enterprises of the region and the region, young specialists are given a unique opportunity to undergo practical training at their proposed place of work. Practicing the passage of pedagogical practice with further employment in schools in the region.

During practice, some students are already working as teachers. Students of specialty 5В042100 "Design" - designers, 5В041700 "Decorative art" - masters of applied art, and can also work as technology teachers in schools in the city and region, in out-of-school work centers, if they have been trained as part of an additional educational program on "Artistic work" organized at the department through the Center for Continuing Education WKSU after named M.Utemisov.

One of the common tools for attracting employers to the problems of youth in the labor market was the "Job Fair." The main purpose of these events is the state and social support of graduates, meeting the need for school personnel and educational institutions in the region.

Graduates of the department are in high demand, as evidenced by the presence at the department of fine art and design letters of appreciation from employers and feedback from heads of secondary schools, educational centers and advertising agencies of the city. Personnel are being trained for various fields of education, artistic and creative activities and the design industry of the city.